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"I have chosen to accept an innermost truth and awaken onto a reality. All persons express multiple facets of being tangibly combining form and colour of psychic-breath, spirit, soul, and mind".



Maria Isabel Rodriguez emigrated to Canada in the late 80s after spending her childhood between her native land Guatemala and her father’s land Spain.


She finishes her education as an illustrator directing her to work as an editorial and textile designer.


In the urge to self-expression in a more personal way, Rodriguez started to create abstract paintings, that contrary to the illustration form, allowed her to create more freely, parting from her internal process rather than from the outside source. 

In her quest for more meaningful artistic communication, her unsettled curiosity direct her to learn more about the psychology behind visual representations and the connection between art therapy in relation to expression and the performing arts. She carries a fascination for the power of how art can be a link to the understanding of what makes all unique as individuals.


Rodriguez started her journey of creating on her florals an intimate dialogue of emotions based on herself and her personal experience or souls that inspire her. 


Her artwork is rich in vibrant colours, strong on the statement but subtle at the same time, inviting the observer to discover the inner message.


The way she perceives life is a combination of paradoxical experiences, sometimes beautiful and sometimes difficult. It is that combination of both that makes life worth living “One does not exist without the other, they travel hand in hand in our existence”. 

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