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Maria Isabel Rodriguez’s work delves into life's profound essence and enduring beauty, even in the face of adversity. Her art is a passionate reflection that intuitively captures vibrant colours and rhythmic forms, particularly through conceptual floral representations.


Growing up in a conflicted home environment in Guatemala and navigating the challenges of mental health within her family, Rodriguez developed a deep appreciation for the transformative power of art. Her experiences as a well-travelled individual and an immigrant to Canada have further shaped her artistic journey, fueling her desire to rediscover her present-day self through the spontaneous expression and catharsis of paint on canvas.


Rodriguez lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Initially established through notable achievements in fashion illustration and textile design in Canada, she eventually yearned for a greater personal freedom and purpose. Mostly self-taught, she immerses herself in a fine arts studio practice, dedicating her energy to independent painting. Today, her works grace the walls of local art galleries, international publications, and private international collections, showcasing her unique artistic vision and evocative style.

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