"I have chosen to accept an innermost truth and awaken onto a reality. All persons express multiple facets of being tangibly combining form and color of psychic-breath, spirit, soul, and mind.



Emigrating to Canada many years ago after spending my childhood between my native land Guatemala and my father’s land Spain, I finish my studies as an illustrator that direct me to work as editorial and textile designer.


Feeling the need to express myself in a more personal way,  I started to create abstract paintings, that contrary to  illustration form of expression, let me to create more freely, parting from my internal process rather than from the outside source. 


In my quest for more meaningful artistic communication, my curiosity led me to learn more about the psychology behind visual representations and the connection between art therapy in relation to expression and the performing arts. I am fascinated by how the power of art can be used to understand our inner or outer influences and how these experiences can result in what makes us unique as individuals. 


I submerged myself, without completely realizing it, creating in my work the combination of the abstract coming from my inner state to the representational coming from the figurative. 


By choosing flowers as my theme, they allow me to give the voice of my subconscious in the expression of what is my inner voice of my patriotic memories represented in the colours I choose, the light, the sometimes harsh brushstrokes representing hard life experiences, pain and suffering and the soft and intangible representation of vulnerability, delicacy and complexity of what characterizes us all as human beings.


The way I see life itself, full of paradoxical experiences, sometimes beautiful and sometimes difficult. It is that combination that makes life worth living. One does not exist without the other, they travel hand in hand in our existence. The light in my work represents this dynamic.


The beautiful appearance of a flower being vulnerable and fragile to external conditions connect me to represent through them the internal and external human entity.


The composition of each of my works is full of intricate and complex, saturated and intertwined representations that represent the transformation we experience throughout life, what makes us who we are and shapes who we become, the experiences that change us, mark us and define us.


My artistic process consists of an intimate dialogue between the work and my being, patiently allowing the work to saturate the final result with its own voice and totality.

Most of my works are made with acrylics, a medium that allows me to work in layers of paint on canvas that frame and structure an intimate dialogue between work and artist.